Underground Prisoners Museum Jerusalem
The Russian Compound (Migrash Harusim)
1 Misheol Hagvurah Street
Off Safra Square, above Shivtei Israel St

How to get there:
  Coming on Jaffa road turn into Shne’eor Chesnin st. where Jaffa road meets Shlomtzion Hamalka st.; go up the hill, and turn right at the Russian church.
  Coming from Shivtei Yisra’el st. pass the municipality complex, and turn left into Gruzenberg st.; go up the hill, and turn left into Monbaz st. to reach the church.
  From Haneviim st. turn into Monbaz st. which leads towards the Russian church.
  Bus lines: 6, 13, 18, 20, 21; walk up Shne’eor Chesnin st.

Route plan from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
From Tel Aviv keep straight on road no.1 until the sign to "Ma'ale Adumim" .
Turn right towards "Ma'ale Adumim" - road no.1 and keep follow the signs to "Ma'ale Adumim" .
When on your right is the sign to "Center" turn right.
Keep straight while following the signs to "Center" .
When on your left you see the wall of the old city continue 300m straight until the first crossroads ("Kikar Tzahal" junction).
On the crossroads make a sharp right turn into "Shivtei Israel " st .
On the first turn from "Shivtei Israel " st. turn left to "Hagevura Trail" st
On the T crossroads turn right, the Parking lot is on y
our right.