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Dinner Dinner Dinner
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When Gustav Mahler dies at half-time, his funeral banquet can be followed interactively to his music, and the spectators are invited to a sumptuous buffet-dinner during the interval. The outstanding and unusual ambience make this "mourner’s meal" a truly memorable experience

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Gustav Mahler's funeral on May 22nd 1911
Morning in Vienna: chaos. One clutches at details that cannot yet be known. He is to be buried in the small cemetery in Grinzing, beside his little daughter. The body is taken there. The next morning: the road leads across country to cypress trees. The chapel is a confined space, only enough for the coffin and a couple of wreaths. The others line the paths as far as the grave. A woman comes past, and says to another woman, „Now he’s got peace in there. Everything was too small for him anyway.“

The church in Grinzing is small, the churchyard confined. And the people of Vienna are about to see a spectacle. The church and the cemetery are cordoned off; admission is by ticket only.

And then comes the ceremony. We stand in front of the church as the coffin is carried out. It is raining. We can get to the grave faster by taking a path through the vineyards. The procession arrives. The rain stops. A nightingale sings, and the clods of earth thud down. A rainbow. And the people in their hundreds are silent.