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Entstehung von "Alma"

Production Art
 Alma in Los Angeles
  Das Los Angeles Theater


Historischer Hintergrund
  Flucht aus Europa
  Exil in Hollywood
  Tod in New York



In 1952 Alma retired to New York to an apartment in Manhattan (120 East 73d Street), where she stayed to spend the last years of her life. There she exposed all the trophies she had collected throughout her life. Paintings of Oskar Kokoschka, scores of Gustav Mahler, and manuscripts of Franz Werfel.

” I live on the third floor of my old house in New York, in two rooms. These two rooms, if one looks carefully, hold all my life. One bespeaks the power of words, the other that of music. ‘I have two firms to administer’, I say when I am asked why I keep so busy at my age.”

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