Das Polydrama
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The Polydrama

«Alma» is a Polydrama and a theatrical journey in the steps of a woman, Alma Mahlergropiuskokoschkawerfel, who had travelled through the first half of the 20th century, experiencing passionate encounters and seperations with persons who enriched the human heritage.

Joshua Sobol Abstandhalter
Joshua Sobol  

It is a Polydrama in the sense that it consists of several intervowen threads of events taking place and being acted out simultaneously in various spaces.

It is a Theatrical Journey in the sense that it abandons the trodden ground of the Conflict-and-Situation based drama, to explore the possibilities of a Journey-Drama, in which the protagonist is not trapped and involved in one plot and one conflict, but is travelling along an open way, falling in and out of love with people, as they appear and disappear, intersecting for a moment the traveller's trajectory.

In this concept the observer will be invited to abandon the immobilized position of the spectator of the conventional drama, to replace it with the mobile activity of a traveller. Thus the spectator will become a Road-Companion of the travelling characters of Journey-Drama, choosing the events, the path and the person to follow after each event, thus constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing her or his version of the Polydrama.

Joshua Sobol

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