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14b 1919 RESERL & OSKAR
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Reserl undresses in front of Kokoschka.

KOKOSCHKA   Reserl??! - Reserl!!! - Has any man ever seen you like this, Reserl?

RESERL   No, Captain, no man has ever seen me like this.

KOKOSCHKA   Why are you doing this then, Reserl?

RESERL   Because of that rotten woman. So that she won't haunt you in your dreams any more and torment and torture and afflict you. It pains me to see you suffering, Captain.

KOKOSCHKA   Reserl, Reserl, Reserl! You are reading me like an open book.

RESERL   Listen! The birds are starting to sing. It will be dawn soon. We'll take a walk on Broadway, Captain, and there will be many young pretty girls. They will all be looking at me, and sigh, and whisper to one another: “Look at that happy girl who is leaning on the big strong man. Her eyes radiate bliss! Isn't it lovely the way she cuddles up to the tall man who is holding her in his arms? He has the beautiful, sad eyes of a child who is stubbornly refusing to grow up. He needs her!”

KOKOSCHKA   Reserl… What are you doing, Reserl?

RESERL   I want to be your most obedient servant, Captain. I am at your service, with all my soul and sinews. I don't exist any more. I have entered into you, Captain. Do with me, do with us whatever you wish.

KOKOSCHKA   Reserl, I want you to take our puppet down to the garden, and throw it into the trash can, , or better still - burn it. Burn it! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

RESERL   Is that all you want me to do for you, Captain?

KOKOSCHKA   Yes. I'm afraid so. Yes.

RESERL   Then I'm no longer yours. Then I'm no longer your servant. That's how you wanted it. We'll never see each other again.

She leaves.

KOKOSCHKA   Reserl? Reserl!!! - The trash truck came first thing in the morning, and in the grey light of dawn it carried away the mortal remains of my eternal love. Reserl never returned. After the Second World War I received news that she died in the air raid the night Dresden was destroyed. But I don't believe it.