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Music of a transfigured »Grande Valse Brillante«. All Alma's husbands and lovers dance. U.S. Alma, equipped with a mike, conducts the grandiose ball.

U.S. ALMA   Come my dear friends, Come! Make yourselves at home! I am always happy to welcome friends. I consider sociability the best antidote to growing old. Because I believe that joy is the ultimate remedy for sickness and the sole preservative of youth!

Franzl! My child-husband! For once you are not poeticizing! How did you put it? »I didn't know how much I loved you until I was surprised by that rash separation«... Did you see my new library? There's a shelf with your complete works. What a shame your last book didn't become The Divine Comedy of our time! But at least you've been translated into every language. Go have a look! It will make you feel good. -

Oskar! You're here too! How obsessed you've been with me! Poor thing... Did you see your paintings on my walls? My beautiful portrait that you painted when you fell in love with me! ... You're a wild one! And the six fans you decorated for me - with my nude portraits - Guess where I keep them? In my bedroom! Of course in my bedroom… -

Walter! Look at you! What a handsome, big man you are. That's exactly what you call an Aryan. Of all my men you were the only one to match me racially. Except for you, it was always little Jews who fell in love with me, like… -

Gustav! Oh, Gustav, Gustav, Gustav... Who would have believed that you would overshadow them all! You've earned a special place in my bedroom! There, in the corner, like a little shrine, there is a small safe with your manuscripts inside. And I'm the only one with the combination! Just look at what you've achieved! Inconceivable! -

Keep dancing, my friends! Keep dancing! - My life was beautiful. God gave me access to some of our times' greatest masterpieces before they left the hands of their creators. And being allowed just for an instant to hold your stirrups, my glorious knights, was enough to justify and bless my existence!

Though I have suffered many immense losses, I have no right to complain. I have no right! Since my pain has been outweighed by an abundance of happiness! - Dance for me, my friends! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance me through the memories of my life!