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BRUNO   Gustav! (waving a newspaper) Is that any way to tell your friends you're getting married?! Shame on you! Anyway, Congratulations! Congratulations!

MAHLER   Don't make so much noise, Bruno! You'll wake the dead.

BRUNO   Oh! Could it be that the bridegroom is embarrassed?

MAHLER   Well, How would you feel if the newspapers announced you'd fallen in love!

BRUNO   Isn't it true?

MAHLER   Alright, it's true. I've fallen in love. I admit it.

BRUNO   Then I'll say it again: congratulations!

MAHLER   Please don't congratulate me....

BRUNO   Why not? What's wrong with you?

MAHLER   There's nothing wrong. Alright, you can congratulate me, but do it quickly, and let's not talk about it any more.

BRUNO   Oh, what a funny bridegroom!

MAHLER   That's Enough , Bruno!

BRUNO   Enough, enough! The man is marrying a 22-year-old beauty, the most gorgeous girl in Vienna ---

MAHLER   Have you decided to make a speech?

BRUNO   Yes!

MAHLER   Then do me a favour and cancel it!

BRUNO   No, no, no! Not now, Gustav. Listen. Listen! - Dear friends, dear enemies! After a very consistent life as a bachelor, our good friend Gustav Mahler is finally going to marry a woman to whom he is not related, and this is a good reason for us to celebrate! So let's all raise our glasses and say Lehayim! But since we are among friends, let me tell you this: frankly speaking, we, his friends, his kindred spirits, are somewhat worried. As a matter of fact, we wouldn't be real Jews if we weren't. You shouldn't take it too seriously, Alma, on the contrary, relax: a Jew always worries. - We, Gustav's friends, we are worrying not because he is 41 and you are 22: this is an insignificant difference , because when he is 120, you'll be 101, which won't be a big difference at all ! But what really makes us worry is the difference in your temperaments, the difference in your characters: you, Alma, are such a stormy young creature, full of life and bursting with vitality, and you're hungry for the joys of social life - whereas Gustav, our good old Gustav, is quite an ascetic character... and that's putting it mildly ! He's so unworldly, and if he loves anything in concurrence with his music, it's his loneliness. You need to know that, Alma, if you open your heart to him. So if you were to decide to marry, you have to remember just one thing: your life will be a very difficult étude, maybe a nocturne, maybe a mazurka - but no matter what, you will have to play it as a piece for four hands...

U.S. Alma and the nurse (Alma 1) arrive at the room for “Alma, you have not lived!”.